ceramic and felt urchins

I’ve been developing an idea that combines stoneware clay – a cold, hard surface – with softer felt fabric. At first I tried a simple design, a small thrown pot with spikes of felt.


I enjoyed the differing textures and the piece is very tactile. I find it pleasing that an ‘aggressive’ shape – the point – is made from a soft fabric. When I looked at the finished piece it reminded me of sea urchins, and I began to explore this idea, remembering that sea urchins have 5-fold symmetry.


Very happy with this development in the design I went ahead and made a few more, adding more texture with slip trailing, indenting and moulding the clay. I added colour using blue and green slips. I made holes in the clay to enable me to sew on the fabric. I used watercolour paint to mark out the design on the damp clay.

urchin in progress.JPG

The paint disappears on firing.

urchins group.JPG

I’m so pleased with the results!


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