I’ve been working on a textile piece inspired by a hedgerow line close to where I live. At this time of year there are bare branches and the chain link fence within the hedge is clearly visible. The hardy, low-lying groundcover of grasses and some grassland plants remains, as it has all winter, but now in the early spring, some of the fresh green growth of the herbaceous plants is starting to emerge.

I began by taking some of the fresh new cow parsley leaves and pressing them into soft clay, outlining them with coloured slips. I added two lines of holes so I could sew the ceramic onto fabric. Once fired, this gave me the central ceramic panel.

hedge panel.JPG

I tested out various textile backgrounds before coming up with a combination I liked…

I was particularly pleased that I found a way to depict the chain link fencing – I took a photograph of the fence, edited it to make a black and white image with as much contrast as possible, printed it and transferred the image onto calico using acrylic paint to absorb the printer ink. Other fabric pieces were spray painted and crayoned, with some gold added too.

I added some stitching to give the impression of grasses, and added some ghostly dandelion leaves in the foreground. I’m pretty pleased with the way this has turned out:



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